Hydrophobic polyurethane Grouts


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As DM-510 is one liquid type hard firing urethane having strong Hydrophobic type, It is injected and packed in surrounding of concrete break and leakage, also, through reacting with water,

it builds water foaming layer having high dense closed cell structure. Firing layer blocks from water poured into due to break of construction. Therefore, DM-510 is the product having excellent still water.

Range Of Application

Sealant / Foam for infiltrating water through:

- Defective Concrete (Cracked or Honeycombed)

- Concrete Construction Joints & Cracks

- Limestone

- Brick Construction

- Pipe Intrusions

- Waste Water Tanks

- Water Reservoirs

- Sewers, Manholes, Utility Boxes, etc.

- Tunnels, Dams

Performance Characteristics


Storage and shelf life:


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