Progressive Cavity Pump




The machine is suitable for affusing a variety of cement grout. It can be used widely in anchor grouting of road, rail tunnels, subway, hydropower stations, underground caverns. It also can be used in the curtain grouting project of soil for the dam, slope, soft rock reinforcement.
-Simple structure, light, wheel design and portable;
-Way of working:grouting,stop and relief;
-It has wide range of water-cement ratio and it can work continually.It’s suitable for a variety of design requirements of the concentration of slurry;
-Work Pressure can be adjusted according to project needs.


How a Progressing Cavity Pump Works


Although the geometry of its pumping elements may seem somewhat complex, the principle of progressing cavity pump operation is deceptively simple.

The key components are the rotor and stator. The rotor is a single external helix with a round cross-section, precision machined from high-strength steel. The stator is a double internal helix molded of tough, abrasion-resistant.



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