PU/Epoxy injection pump



 The electric high pressure injection pump is a professional machine used for polyurethane and epoxy injection. It is the perfect machine for waterproofing contractors performing commercial work and residential injection. With this pump It is a snap to get in and out of basement and confined areas as found on many job sits.
- Gross: 7.5 Kg Power, easy to carry.
-Flow rate: ~ 0.7L/min
- Max Output Pressure: 11000 PSI
- Star-up: < 7500 PSI
Standard Specification:
- Machine Body
- 5 meters or 3metres high pressure pipe
- Switch Valve Suit(including Butter Head)
- Metabo SBE560 Electric Drill, North America: Standard Metabo drill 110V sold separately.
-Maintainance Saddlebag
Application Scope:

1503024593(1).png 1503024601(1).png 1503024601(1).png
1. The leaking stoppage of deformation joints, construction joints cracks of buildings and subways, tunnels and other underground engineering 2.Pier, dam, hydropower station crack plugging, concrete structure external wall reinforcement 3,Plugging in tunneling and mine construction. Railways, tunnels and culverts plugging

Polyurethane Foam Resin Grouting method:

image010.gif 01 checking the crack and leakage status
Examine the concrete structure’s thickness crack status (width depth), and leakage status prior to deciding the engineering plan.
image010.gif 02 Drilling
If the concrete thickness is 10cm or les, perform drilling directly on the crack part.If the concrete is 10cm-50cm thick, perform drilling on the area away from the crack part by 1/5 of the concrete thickness,maintaining 45° angle. If the concrete thickness is over 50cm, perform drilling on the area 20-30cm away from the crack part,maintaining 45° angle. Perform drilling in accordance with given interval(5-6holes per meter in general).
image010.gif 03 Packer installation
Make the inside of holes clean with an air-compressor. Install the packer such that the packer’s rubber sleeve and the nut’s cutoff line are buried under the concrete surface. Fasten the packer with a T-wrench completely (Excessive fastening may damage the packer).
image010.gif 04 Injection
Inject the urethane resin using a high pressure grout pump. Perform initial injection with the pressure around 40kg/cm. Water overflows the crack first, followed by resin foam and finally the resin. Verify that the resin, not the resin foam, overflows the crack, prior to working on the next packer.
image010.gif 05 Removing the packer
Remove the packer with a vise plier or hammer. If there remains any wet area, inject the resin again.
image010.gif 06 finish
Make the crack are clean of the resin. Coat the crack area using elastic sealing material.


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